• Structall Snap N Lock

  • STRUCTALL SNAP-N-LOCK™ Steel Structural Insulated Panels

    In today’s housing market, consumers seek homes that are energy efficient, affordable & hold up to harsh weather conditions.

    Equinox Texas meets these challenges head on with Structall's SNAP-N-LOCK Steel Insulated Panels (SIPs) - one of the most innovative insulated panel designs available in the market.  The Snap-N-Lock™ Insulated Panel combines the energy efficiency of foam core building panels with a unique, patented joint design that adds strength to the wall and roof units and simply snaps together. The internal snap-lock fastening system provides a sealant reservoir which covers and protects the sealant from harsh elements. Deterioration of the sealant is reduced over time, which ensures that a waterproof bond is maintained.

    The Structall insulated panels, when snapped together, form a continuous foam interface for maximum energy savings. Gaps are virtually eliminated in the wall and roof. There is less settling or compressing, less moisture absorption or dust saturation, and considerably fewer cavities that permit convection or air circulation than in conventional framing methods. All these factors dramatically improve the energy efficiency of the home.

    In case studies, heating and cooling costs have been cut as much as 58% compared
    to a stick-built structure with the same insulation value and square footage.

  • Benefits of using Structall Insulated Panels


    • Internal Snap-Lock fastening feature
    • Snaps together in header
    • No rocking of panels required
    • Continuous Insulation
    • Quick and easy to install
    • Foam thicknesses from 2” to 8”
    • Panels come in 48” or 23-1/8” widths
    • Eliminates condensation problems
    • Skylights and fans installed with ease
    • Skins of the Snap-N-Lock™ panel are rolled to form a unique, patented locking system that snaps together.
    • The continuous insulated foam interface makes the design of the panel extremely energy efficient.
    • Sealant applied on the inside of the panel protects it from ultraviolet destruction and forms a waterproof seal.
    • Use the existing finish or apply a wide variety of building materials including shingles and vinyl siding directly to the exterior of the panel.
    • Available 2″ – 8″ thick and up to 32’ in length.Two inch panel cannot be used in home shell construction.
    • Roof pitches as little as 1/4″ per 2′ can be achieved.
    • The ease of installation and the ability to hire entry level tradesman translates into labor savings.
    • The panels adapt easily to a variety of floor plans and offer a wide range of design flexibility and usages including homes, in-plant offices, freestanding units, restaurants, industrial storage units, condominium carport facilities and loading zone canopies.
    • All panels pass through several quality control check points to assure that the highest degree of factory tolerances for alignment, lamination, and finish quality are maintained.